About the Course

21 Things for 21st Century Educators is a self-paced, online learning program designed to empower teachers to use web 2.0 tools for their own professional development, to keep up with their tech-savvy students, to communicate with others, and to enrich learning in the classroom. This program is unique from other staff training workshops because while the participants are learning about all these new technologies that enable community and social connections, they are actively creating an online social network for themselves. In addition, the program models the course expectations by utilizing free online Web 2.0 sites.

How it works:
  • Participants complete 21 Things (each “Thing” represents a task to complete using a Web 2.0 tool)
  • Program facilitator posts each “Thing,” with instructions, on the program blog
  • One of the first ”Things” each participant completes will be a blog, which will be linked to the program blog. Participants post their experiences with each subsequent “Thing”  on their blog (that’s how the facilitator keeps track of assignment completion and how participants can support each other)
The program is designed for anyone who needs to communicate, collaborate, and be creative. We all work with others, talk to others, and use our creativity to produce stuff, so the course is appropriate for faculty, staff, and administration. The course is designed with the beginner in mind, so no experience with Web 2.0 tools is necessary to participate.

The program will consist of 9 weeks of posting to the blog (2-3 things will be covered in each post). Participants will have three months to complete the course (allows for schedule flexibility). There will be no formal classes required to attend, but a monthly face-to-face “playtime” and support session will be offered for those who would like to attend. Participants will be in constant communication with the facilitator through the use of email and the blog, and they are encouraged to collaborate with others in the course (set up informal work sessions, etc.).

Incentive to participate:
Each participant who completes the course will receive a Hue HD Webcam or an Apple TV. In order to be eligible for the workshop incentives, all assignments must be completed by the specified due date at the end of the three-month work period.

Benefits to educators:
This workshop model provides flexibility to those educators who can’t readily attend workshops during the typical after school hours or summer hours due to conflicts such as coaching, school committee work, graduate classes, family obligations, etc. It offers the ability to receive high-quality professional development at a time and in a location that is convenient to the participant. The content shared in the workshop is current and important to the 21st century teacher and student, and participants will finish the course with hands- on experience utilizing web 2.0 tools that are relevant to education.

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